Shopping on Instagram has arrived...

Instagram has rolled out a brand new feature allowing you to shop directly through your favourite brands profiles pages in-app.

Retailers can now tag products in their photos, which are hidden behind a “Tap to view products” button. After selecting a product, users see an in-app details page with a specific product’s price, description, additional photos, and a “Shop Now” button to buy it on the web. If the details don’t entice you, you can swiftly tap back into the feed.

Instagram won’t take a cut of purchases, and instead plans to monetize the product by later allowing brands to pay to show their available products to people who don’t follow them.

Eventually Instagram wants to add a “Save” feature so you can bookmark product posts as you browse and come back to them as of course, users aren’t always ready to buy on impulse.

This new feature means brands won’t have to resort to clumsy “check link in bio” captions in their photos and the tags should eventually expand to video posts, photo carousels, and other countries.

The design of the feature allows images to stay unhindered as the product tags aren’t immediately visible. They are revealed if you tap the tag button, meaning they don’t feel intrusive, as the buy buttons Facebook and Twitter have tested. The product was built off of the emergent behavior of celebrities tagging the products their seen with, which often come from their sponsors.

The tool will also be a huge help for UK small businesses, 37% of whom say they built their business using Instagram.

Studies have consistently shown that Instagram has a substantial influence on purchasing products and services or simply word of mouth from seeing them on the app. It’s been obvious for years that Instagram would eventually embrace shopping, but the execution demonstrates its dedication to prioritising a clean user experience so its community keeps growing.

Smartphones have changed how we shop, and Instagram, who recorded 800 million monthly users in September 2017, has changed the way we interact with brands, and discover new products.

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