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How to get to the top of Google: 8 Essentials

We often get asked the question, is search marketing really worth it? With this in mind, we have outlined several reasons why it is essential for your business.

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1. SEO is a lot more complicated, but for the right reasons.

The techniques used to improve search engine results are more than just keywords. Focusing on optimal user experience while performing a range of methodic search engine optimisation strategies, your business will see higher positioning and a natural traffic increase. The strategies we use to put your business on the map at CEEK have a proven track record and ROI.

2. Search marketing is not going anywhere fast.

Search marketing is here to stay for the foreseeable future, with so much competition and information online, the users inital instinct is to go straight to google. Not only that, the keyword research now goes further into audio and video as more and more platforms adapt to their searchable needs. With all things considered, the link between the world wide web and real life proves the success of real optimisation for as long as it lasts.

3. Ranking higher on google is cheaper than traditional marketing.

Purchasing leads for an email campaign, driving in traffic and sales through social media advertising are still essential, however the ROI when it comes to organic search results is extremely high and has long term value. SEO remains at the core of your brand’s awareness and reputation online.

4. Search engines market share continues to grow.

Approximately 80%-90% of consumers check reviews online before making a purchase, the fastest and most common route is by searching the product and/or service through google. If a company does not manage it’s online pr effectively, through organic search, your potential customers will simply click on your competition and you will loose sales.

5. Mobile marketing is coming on strong.

Mobile search has now surpassed traditional desktop search. Mobile marketing and local search engine optimisation has a different set of techniques and needs to be at the helm of your digital marketing strategy.

6. Low quality content marketing can damage your brand and ranking.

Google is getting smarter each and every second. It’s complex algorithms can now work out if your content is relevant to the consumer. Google reads through your site in specific ways, it looks at the images and elements such as social media links and mobile sitemaps. At CEEK we construct diverse content schedules for your business so google recognises you as the best within your industry, therefore ranking you above competitors.  

7. Your competitors are already capitalising on it

Do not get left behind, now is the time to focus your efforts on search engine optimisation. it's easy to fall behind when your competition is producing quality content, the right keyword structure and is ranking high stealing your customers.

8. Use your social as a powerful traffic driver

Social activity and referrals make up 15% of your overall SEO value online. Ensuring your social community is engaged with the content you are posting as well as turning as many of those into conversions is an important aspect of our social strategy. Using your social media channels to convert the social community to the website through linking in posts and sharing the awareness of new blog posts through social channels, often a powerful tool to increase social web clicks and in turn, improve SEO and domain authority.

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