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How to Instagram Live with a friend

Instagram live has been a roaring success with users since it was introduced as part of the hugely popular stories feature almost a year ago. Since it was introduced, Instagram has been tweaking Live with new features to bolster its user interface. Some such additions include; adding replays to your live broadcast and throwing in some Snapchat-esque filter as your followers watch. Nearly a year after it was introduced, Instagram have announced one of the biggest feature updates since Live launched: You will now be able to broadcast live with another user.

Breaking news: Apple Product announcements


Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off in San Jose, Calif. with a product keynote from the senior member of the apple team.

How to identify influencers


Social media influencers are everywhere, and they are talking about your brand. This is why social media marketers are constantly buzzing with talk about influencers, and it has become vital in how we discuss valuable relationships on social media.

Social media marketing myths

A strong social marketing campaign isn't just about growth and engagement…

SEO Essentials

How to get to the top of Google: 8 Essentials

We often get asked the question, is search marketing really worth it? With this in mind, we have outlined several reasons why it is essential for your business.